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Essentially, to actively work towards the mobilization of public opinion and support for the peace ethics and ideals of the United Nations Organization. Additionally seek in "larger freedoms", to co-operate with all other Peace oriented National and International Organization (including particularly the World Federation of United Nations Associations - WFUNA) in promoting the Peace Process, respect for democratic values, sustainable development, human progress in Ghana, other parts of Africa and the world at large.



  1. To be a people's movement for the United Nations.

  2. To encourage, promote and foster the ethics of peace and good neighborliness among Ghanaians and Non-Ghanians of all  walks of life.

  3. To promote tolerance, understanding, solidarity and co-operation among men, women and children throughout Ghana, Africa and the other parts of the world without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion or political orientation.

  4. To contribute to the removal of obstacles to peace, to work for justice, security, avoidance of conflicts and promote the development of peaceful co-existence and co-operation among all ethnic groups throughout Ghana and elsewhere.

  5. To co-operate, where appropriate with other organizations whose objects include the support of the United Nations and its development.

  6. To strive to work towards the recognition of and respect for human rights and fundamental freedom throughout Ghana and other parts of the world including having to promote recognition of responsibilities and duties which those rights involve for all human beings.

  7. To promote economic development and the eradication of poverty, enhancement of social progress and better standards of life for all. To this and to collaboration with government and all agencies on programmes for the support of the vulnerable in society such as on women and children and the disable.

  8. To abide and respect the laws and constitution of Ghana in the promotion of peace stability and social justice for all.

  9. To encourage research, education and information on the goals of the United Nations and other Regional and Sub-Regional Political and Social economic groups in Africa.

  10. To collaborate with the Africa and world Federations of United Nations Associations as well as other civil society organizations in the promotion of world peace, sustainable development and the socio-economic well being of the  African continent.




Devotion to the pursuit of veritable Peace in "larger freedoms; the promotion of the quality of the lives of humankind and ultimately, the glorification of God, the Almighty.



The following shall constitute the organizational structure of the Association

  1. National Congress

  2. National Executive Committee (NEC)

  3. Board of Directors

  4. National Board of Trustees

  5. Council of Patrons

  6. Regional Executive Committee

  7. District Executive Committee

  8. Local Executive Committee

  9. World federation of United Nations Association (WfUNA), other peace oriented International Organizations, etc.

  10. Africa Federation of United Nations Association and Civil Society Peace Networks (AFFUNT)

  11. GUNA Youth Network (GUNA YOUTH)

  12. Affiliations into the GUNA by other organizations with aims and purposes similar to the GUNA 

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